Delegation is key in building a successful business

Once you start your business it can be a stressful time. You are responsible for everything, there is so much to think about and to do. At the end of a long working day you still have to do the bookkeeping, answer queries, marketing…the list can seem endless! Work takes over at the expense of life/ relationships / selfcare…. You push yourself to the limit and can start to suffer from burnout.

The problem is that you seem to be working ever harder and don’t seem to make that much progress. This is because you’re spending all your time working in your business and getting bogged down in detail. It can feel like you’re on a treadmill constantly anxious and overwhelmed.

Too many people subscribe to the theory that the boss is the first in and last out. This leaves no time for the really important activities such as planning or networking to get more business or updating your skills.

It’s time to start working on your business. If you want to run a successful business you need to be able to delegate. You don’t have to do 100% of the work yourself. Consider outsourcing some of jobs. Encourage staff to come to you with solutions rather than with problems to be solved.

You now have the time to be more effective and focus on the tasks that help grow your business. You can outsource tasks such as bookkeeping or HR or IT but only you have the necessary vision and drive needed to build the best business possible.